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  • 0.2
    - added possibility to generate sound from text-pane directly.


  • 1.1
    - fixed bug that allowed pitch to go below zero because pause length was used in descending pitch calcule. 1.0
    - allowing zero duration for silence phoneme
  • 0.99
    - fixed bug that caused current directory to appear before path values
    - lines in tagger gui can now be selected by double click
    - fixed bug in storytagger that prevented proper synthesis
    - added tabbed pane to story tagger to show resulting xml code
  • 0.98 24/02/11
    - added first version of story tagger GUI
    - added some library interfaces to call pho-file creation from outside the package
    - replaced Mary phonetization server interface version 3.6 with version 4.3
    - added us3
  • 0.97 26/08/10
    - added menu entries to create new emotion names and remove them.
  • 0.96 12/07/10
    - handle audio playback now with internal java audio library
  • 0.95 04/02/08
    - changed replacements of language descriptors for de[1,2,3,4,5] from 6-a: to a-a:.
    - enhanced readability of messages in GUI
    - changeLastSylContour now changes last syllable containing a voiced phoneme.
    - fixed bug in modelContour causing zero f0-values at utterance end.
    - added Dutch: nl2
  • 0.94 28/01/08
    - added global rate for graded emotion simulation: possibility to dampen or amplify all modifications by a single factor.
  • 0.93 10/10/07
    - make GUI geometry configurable
    - interpolate missing pitch contour description for voiced phonemes
    - reads and writes now also pitch information for unvoiced phonemes
    - added save PHO file functionality
    - removed the automatic modeling of f0-contours when reading in a PHO file
    - fixed some serious bugs concerning the modeling of f0-contours (still needed for jitter and wave-model)
    - removed the automatic modeling of f0-contours when reading in a PHO file. Modeling is now only done when required by modification-plugin
    - fixed some serious bugs concerning the modeling of f0-contours (still needed for jitter and wave-model)
  • 0.91 26/9/07
    - fixed bug: couldN#t read in files starting with vowel
    - changed pitch interpolation to interpolate between phoneme borders
  • 0.9 25/5/06
    - migrated code to java 1.5.0
    - added interface to Mary (http://mary.dfki.de/) Text-to-speech in the GUI. Start the Mary server and edit the PhoGenCmd section in the config.ini if you want to use it. You can call the Mary-server via the GUI (new utterance) or via the commandline (-mary option).
    - fixed bug: wave-model plugin caused zero-pitch values if utterance starts or ends with voiceless syllables.
    - fixed bug: globally descending f0-contour had no syllable-focus.
    - fixed bug: plugin lastSylContour didn't work on utterances with unvoiced last syllables.
  • 0.8 10/9/05
    - fixed bug: modifications werde done repeatedly
    - new feature: can specify Colors by names (as specified at http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colornames.asp)
    - fixed bug: rewritten Syllabelizer, many bugs fixed
  • 0.7 29/8/05
    - added plugin architecture for modifications (see extra docs on how to write own modifications)
    - changed almost all modification-names : old emotions.xml files won't work any more
    - bug: change last sylcontour didn't work for English
  • 0.6 28/2/05
    - changed -v option to -version
    - fixed bug: -voc option wasn't settable
    - tested with Linux (Suse 9.0)
    - changed pathes to external commands in the config-file
    - renamed config-file extension from .dat to .ini
  • 0.5 22/2/05
    - changed rate-settings for jitter (now from 0-20 in 1-steps) and pauses (now from 0-1000 in 20-steps).
    - added workingDir in config-file to make it easier to change the program's path
    - fixed bug: help-file wasn't readable from jar-file
    - added save-utterance button
    - showHelp didn't work with jar-file.
    - fixed bug: overlong error messages caused Gui-widgets to collaps
    - added menu icons
    - fixed bug: close window in GUI didn't exit program
    - added looks jgoodies look and feel
    - fixed bug: no tooltip for changeLastSylContour
  • 0.4 15/2/05
    - fixed bug: if reading emotion-descriptions from non-English denotations pitch-contours, vowel-targets and voice-effort were ignored
    - look and feel can now be set in config-file
    - fixed bug: starting a pho-file with pauses gave nullpointer in syllablelize
    - added defaultVoice to config-file
    - fixed bug: duration and time f0-values couldn't be specified as Doubles
    - Gui starts now also without initial utterance
  • 0.3 27/1/05
    - added German configuration file for distribution
    - added gender option for NLP-processor in the GUI.
    - Added tooltips.
    - Added description-element for emotions (shows as tooltip).
    - Fixed bug: No error message appeared if NLP-program wasn't configured.
    - Fixed bug: Foreground color in modification-label wasn't setable
  • 0.2 12/1/05
    - added command-line interface.
  • 0.1 10/1/05
    - very first alpha version, not yet tested.