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  • Is emofilt a text-to-speech synthesizer?
    No, it's simply a program to manipulate the input-format of the free-for-non-commercial use speech synthesis engine MBROLA
    You will have to install Mbrola if you want to use text-to-speech software.
  • Is my language supported?
    Languages (Mbrola-voices) are supported if there is an entry for them in the languages.xml file. If a specific voice is missing, emofilt can probably not operate correctly with the pho-files, because phoneme-symbols might not be declared in the currently loaded language.
    You could add an entry for your desired voice (there is a template in the languages.xml file called "ex1") and send it to me so I can include it in later distributions.
  • I'm using txt2pho under unix and get the Mbrola error message "check your pitch"
    If the pathes in the txt2phorc are not both set to txt2pho's data directory, it outputs zero pitch values.
  • I'm using txt2pho under windows and don't get an output
    Windows txt2pho needs a file called "txt2pho.ini" (can be empty) in the working directory.
  • How about integration with Festival?
    There is an integration between Festival and Mbrola as Festival can output PHO-format. Emofilt can be used as a transformer for this PHO interface.
  • other questions?
    ask felix
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